About Us MYSTAFF is a Professional Recruitment medium. Any Employers (small to large enterprises, local businesses or charities, etc) and Job Seeker (no matter what skills or core competencies) can connect without any financial barriers.

Recruitment can be time consuming, complicated, at times expensive. MYSTAFF takes these factors out of the recruitment process.

What this means for Employers: You have a simple and easy to understand user interface where you are free to post as many Jobs as you like! You have the ability to search our database for potential candidates (by the skills you are looking for) and even check their availability.

What this means for Job Seekers: You are free build comprehensive on-line profile and as well as submitting your online c.v. By building the profile you can be easily spotted by national and local employers. You can set your availability and will be approached directly by Employers without any agencies contacting you to make their cut.

Why not start today? It’s that simple….and FREE!